Living and Performing

Business coachings and workshops in German, English, French and Italian

Roberta Pezzarossa and her team offer international workshops and coachings for managers and teams. A few areas of expertise include:

  • Personality development for managers:
    They are examples to their team and influence the success of their team. (more ... )
  • Development of a positive team culture:
    A positive working environment prevents stress and enhances performance. (more ... )
  • Clarity and balance in private life:
    serenity with one's self and inner power go hand in hand.
    (more ... )

Roberta Pezzarossa herself is of German-Italian origin and knows from her own experience how important it is to be able to communicate in one's own language. We all can express our emotions best in our mother tongue. For this reason our team offers its Workshops and coaching in German, English, French as well as Italian. And each of our trainers and consultants has a multinational background.